Vive la Révolution Française!

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As a tradition of café des Artistes, recalling our French roots, this next 14 of July, we will proudly celebrate 225 years at the beginning of the French revolution.

A fragment of the history.

In general terms they were a few antecedents that lead the French Revolution, The monarquic regimen. That succumb in to  its own toughness in to a changing world, the economic growth from a burgees class  impulse by the politic power, the discontent from the popular classes by the way they where repressed  and exploted,and  the broke  financial state of the state after supporting at the war of independence to the United state, precipitated the events.
In an specific way, to proclaim itself the third state( the town) as the only integrants at the national Meeting in may-June of 1789, representing only the  people of the town and not to the well wealthy classes, with the subject of creating a new constitution, later on the 11 of July of 1789 when the king  Luis VXI, with his troupes already gather around facing the taken  of the national meeting  and acting under the interest of the noble conservators, fired to the minister Jacques Necker, who  besides o f his Switzerland nationalities, whit a long trajectory in France a year before the revolution the town recognized him as a patriot first minister for  promoting to duplicate the number of the people representing  the town fact that was considerate a self shot from the royalty and there  was an open rebellion, in which a few militaries where neutral, but some other joined with the people of the town forces, and so it was the 14 of July of 1789 the people of Paris back up on the streets to its representing  ones and , facing the fear that the royal troupes will stop them  they assaulted the Bastille place, as a symbol of monarquic absolutism, but also an strategic point from the plan of repression  of king Luis XVl  and so their canyons  where always facing in a permanent way  the workers lands.

And so it a big pleasure for us  to invite you to taste exquisite cocktail an canapés  gourmet in a our traditional cocktail, that will have its place in the Bar P’yote on the interior of Café des Artistes and the next Monday 14 of July, in point of the  8:00 pm.  All the French spoken and lovers of our Jolie France are cordially invited, after to whom have reserve its place  shall be invited to come into the VIP salon to enjoy a marvelous 4 course menu in to a super price of $450 pesos per person.


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