Tuna with grilled squid

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by Thierry Blouet    

Most of the times we believe that a delicious tuna can only be enjoyed in a can or in some commercial presentation, but fresh tuna is a delicacy that can be found in our waters  of Puerto Vallarta, we can see that its exquisite taste will make you change your mind about canned tuna, that is why I want to share one of my favorite tuna recipes.

Ingredients:                                                                                                    4 Portions

600 g Tuna (4 tuna steaks of 150g each)
210 g Squid
40 g Lacquerhuitlacoche
4 g Peeled garlic
40 g Chorizo
12 g Fine salt
8 g Ground white pepper
140 g Potato foam
120 ml Thyme sauce
60 g Edamames
12 g Organic sprouts
105 g Huitlacoche
13 g Squid ink
13 g Honey bee
Thyme sauce
250 g Tomatillo
2 g Peeled garlic
30 g White onion
1pz “Arbol” chili
1 g Thyme
1 g Laurel
Potato Foam
200 g Extra Potato
3 g Peeled garlic
170 ml Milk
200 ml Lyncott cream
1 g Fine Salt
1 g Ground white pepper
1 pz Compressed air


For the potato foam, bake the potato and make a puree, season and lighten with the Lyncott cream until it lightens, put through a syphon and charge with a capsule of air. Reserve in a warm place.

For the tomatillo sauce, poach the tomatillos in warm water, fry in a pan with onion, garlic, laurel and thyme, a clove of garlic and “arbol” chili. Cook, process and season.

For the laca, mix the ingredients in a blender and reserve until time to cook the squid. Cook the edamame and reserve.

Seal the previously seasoned tuna to the desired term. Put in a grill with the squid and laca, cook on high heat. Assemble the dish with the potato foam, tomatillo sauce and fried chorizo at the bottom, a few poached tomatillos, decorate with the edamame, sprouts and paprika.

If you have any questions about the recipe or procedure write me at info@cafedesartistes.com

Bon Appetite!