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Just a few weeks from the consummated metamorphosis, Tuna Blanca has already caused a great sensation in all our clients that have gladly visited us, and who always tend to return at least a couple of times to our enigmatic  restaurant, they enjoy themselves with the sensational dishes created by chef Thierry, who made an ode to Mexico with this new concept and in every detail of the restaurant , beginning , of course, with the menu,  which is 100% Mexican but without losing  the French touch.


Our new visitors discover Tuna Blanca as a beach restaurant with high Mexican cuisine, where they can enjoy pleasant moments with: “Exquisite food, perfect service and comfortable facilities”

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Aside from our customers, we also had the visit of our great friends, concierges from different developments who enjoyed this new concept and who were surprised by the experience that Tuna Blanca offered, they assured they would recommend Tuna Blanca to all their guests, who shouldn´t leave the most exclusive zone in the bay without enjoying this wonder from chef Thierry Blouet, pioneer of the high Mexican cuisine  in Mexico