P’yote Lounge … An Experience to Discover

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We invite you to discover the avant-garde concept of our enigmatic bar, which is the product of the artistic communion of the famous designer Cristina Covalin and Estudio 3.14.


Its name comes from the indigenous shamanic traditions of healing and spirituality, with a ritual that starts with its cultivation and culminates as a medicinal tool for the soul and body. Hicuri is “the window through which man has contact with the universe.”
Bar P´yote  (19)
Each area of our bar is an expression of Huichol life and art; from its structure and furniture to its mystical snack menu, the contemporary stone tables stand out, remnants of ancient columns and the variety of mezcal to be enjoyed straight up or prepared in modern and artistic ways that will envelop the clients in a ritual of pleasure.
Bar P´yote  (22)
The most representative work that we safeguard proudly bears the name “Tatei Aramara” by Huichol artisans Fidencio Benitez Rivera (Iritemay: Young Arrow) and Margarita Robles Vazquez (Rukuri Wimary: Holy Jícara), which gives our customers the opportunity to appreciate Huichol art, being thus transported toward it. “Tatei Aramara” was the masterpiece muse for the creation of Mexico’s most beautiful boardwalk, which also inspired our unique bar, which was remodeled and opened alongside the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta.


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