Café des Artistes del Mar

Located in Punta de Mita, Café des Artistes del Mar given out with the exclusive and traditional brand concept, offers the highest sea Gourmet expression to your table in a casual setting on the edge of the beach.

As the youngest restaurant of Café des Artistes Group has already established itself as the best choice for dinner in Punta Mita, the most exclusive destination Mexico. The prestige of the brand behind it and the creativity of their leader, the great Chef Thierry Blouet, result of a true gourmet experience where everything merges harmoniously: the exquisite food, the indispensable wine, relaxing music, great atmosphere, the dim candlelight, the sound of the ocean waves and the impeccable service that is characterized by a friendly and professional combination.

Definitely , the experience that Café des Artistes del Mar offers to our visitors , is a must in Punta de Mita, ideal for a romantic dinner, family reunion, special event or even a successful business dinner.

Café des Artistes Beach Club
Considered as the best choice for dinner in Punta Mita, tt offers the highest gourmet expression from the sea to your table.
Phone +52 (329) 291-5414